About Ulysses

Ulysses Gomez is a 29 year old Mixed Martial Arts fighter, born in Los Angeles, CA on May 25th, 1983.
Born to hard working Mexican immigrants Gomez is very grateful for the opportunity to grow up in
America, while at the same time he also takes great pride in his Mexican heritage and will never forget
his roots. Ulysses currently fights out of Las Vegas, Nevada where he trains with long time friends and
training partners at Team Cobra Kai and Xtreme Couture.

Gomez states several reasons as to why he began training martial arts. His small stature made him an
easy target for bullies growing up, and training was a way to not only build confidence but to allow
him to defend himself should the need arise. Athleticism runs in the Gomez family, however unlike his
brother who now plays for the Santos Laguna of the FMF, Ulysses chose a very different path. Never
very good at soccer Ulysses was somewhat of an oddity among a family of devoted Mexican soccer
fans, a fact he often jokes about. Competitive by nature, Ulysses thrives on the challenge that the sport
provides, he believes that fighting is the purest form of competition.

Before beginning his career in MMA Ulysses became known in the grappling world, where he holds
numerous titles. He is a multiple time Grapplers Quest Champion, multiple time Desert Quest champion,
and an IGJJF champion. Gomez was also the first American to ever win a gold medal in Pankration, a feat
he achieved at the 2007 FILA Pankration World Championships in Antalya, Turkey. Having accomplished
much of what he had set out to do Ulysses decided it was time to launch his career onto a bigger stage.

Currently fighting for The UFC Ulysses goes by the name “Useless”, however he is anything but. An up
and comer in the flyweight division he holds a professional record of 9-2-0. Ulysses continues to hone
his skills in all aspects of the game, but can always rely on his solid base of exceptional Brazilian Jiu-
Jitsu skills and Pankration experience. He is an exciting finisher, with 7 of his 9 wins coming by way of
submission. He was the first ever Tachi Palace Flyweight Champion and the only Tachi fighter to hold
two different belts both the Flyweight belt and the Bantamweight belt.

Ulysses shares a strong bond with his older brother. The younger Gomez has always looked up to his big
brother and could always count on him whenever he needed a helping hand or a few reassuring words.
Ulysses can always be seen entering the ring wearing his brothers Soccer jersey. He wears the jersey
because it reminds him of why he fights, for his family.